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Increase revenues and maximize profits on your FBA items by effectively sourcing, painlessly listing, properly shipping and quickly setting your prices.


ScanPower provides live pricing data for every item in the Amazon catalog (and ensures you are clear of product restrictions) so you source, list, and price to improve margins and reduce your risk. Scan your item once to easily create a new Amazon listing and add items to an FBA shipment. Choose the condition, set your price, and ScanPower prints the FNSKU barcode. Then use Boxt to provide box contents either by 2D barcode or direct to Amazon via feed.

ScanPower Mobile

ScanPower Mobile

Scan a barcode with our free Apple or Android app and see live pricing data for every item in the Amazon catalog. Can’t find a barcode? Search by ASIN, UPC, ISBN, or keyword!

ScanPower List

One-Touch FBA inventory processing system. Scan your item once and ScanPower creates a new Amazon listing; choose the condition, set your price, print your FBA label, and pack the item in the box— all in one step.

ScanPower Boxt

The only box contents app that's integrated with your shipments! Create box-level contents lists easily. Scan and pack your shipment items while printing 2D barcodes of the box contents.

ScanPower Evaluate

Upload your list of products and ScanPower calculates the net payout for each item. Make good purchasing decisions by seeing the competitive landscape on Amazon.

ScanPower Scout

The same live pricing and information as Mobile but available on the Web. Save your purchased items for later listing. See all competition, including Amazon, and sales history with our unified sales rank and price history graph.

ScanPower Report

A powerful sales reporting and accounting solution. Full inventory management and expense tracking including fees, taxes and shipping. Track your COGS and ROI. Filter and compare by source, shipment, category or date.


30 day trial with all plans.

Basic $49/Mo Pro $99/Mo Enterprise $199/Mo
Account Users 2 4 Unlimited
ScanPowerBar Chrome browser extension
ScanPower Mobile App and Web Scout
ScanPower Evaluate > 50 Pay per use Unlimited 10K Unlimited
Automatic Product and Brand Restrictions Check
(Apply for Brand approval in-app)
Mobile Access to Inventory Levels, Last Purchased Date, Source, and Cost
Inbound and On-Hand inventory Count on Main Screen
(On-Hand includes in-stock, transfer, and purchased quantities)
In-Stock Variations
Custom accept/reject rules to help make buying decisions more efficient
IP Claim Protection: Reject Brand / Product
Mobile 30 Day Sales
(Web Scout coming soon!)
Sales rank and price history graph
Variations viewer - Revseller like features
List & Ship
ScanPower List
ScanPower Boxt
Inventory Management
Prevent Restricted Products and Brands from being Listed
Sales Report
Inventory Performance
Supplier Profitability
Listing History
Expirations Report
Automatically Sync Orders Daily

Boxt-only plan is $24/mo for US/CA and £24/mo.for UK/EU: Sign Up!


EfulfillmentPro is a full service fulfillment center located in Spicewood Texas, who processes shipments, prep & packs items, and ships them out to Amazon warehouses domestic and international. There's no setup costs, no monthly fees, no hidden fees, and no long-term contracts!

Located just north of Cincinnati, Ohio, Buckeye Prep2Prime supports various types of sellers from retail arbitrage, to online arbitrage, to wholesale, and also private label!

Ship-Right Solutions is located in Portland, Maine and is trusted to provide services to several vertical markets including: direct response, e-commerce, catalogs, mail-order and specialty retail.

California FBA Prep Service, located near Sacramento, supports wholesale, private label and retail arbitrage sellers. There are no long-term contracts, monthly fees or set-up fees of any kind.