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ScanPower Pack (our most popular offer!)



  • Unlimited ScanPower Mobile Scouting on iPhone, iPad, or Android devices.
  • Unlimited ScanPower Listing using our ‘one-touch’ web-based listing program (Mac & PC compatible).
  • Unlimited interactive repricing using our web-based repricing program (Mac & PC compatible).
  • Unlimited web-based scouting using our Mac & PC compatible WebScout program.

$59.95/month with a FREE, full-featured two-week trial.

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ScanPower Mobile Scouting


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ScanPower Listing (includes ScanPower Repricer)


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ScanPower WebScout (standalone service)


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Evaluate lists of products in bulk from wholesalers or other suppliers in Excel format. Evaluate is available as a monthly, unlimited service as well as a pay-as-you-go per-file service.







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