Our Story – Chris Green and Paul Retherford, Co-Founders of ScanPower

In August of 2009, an Amazon seller who needed a better way to list FBA inventory met up with a programmer who was looking to start a new company.

Today, they are still business partners and the company is called ScanPower.

In a world filled with inventory management tools and Windows Mobile based scouting tools, ScanPower offered new, innovative features that were simply not offered by anyone.

ScanPower was the FIRST to offer individual and instant FBA label printing.
ScanPower was the FIRST to offer ‘FBA Net’ prices (price + shipping) for scouting, listing, and repricing.
ScanPower was the FIRST to include FBA offers for scouting, listing, and repricing.
ScanPower was the FIRST to offer mobile scouting apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.
ScanPower continues to set to standard when it comes to providing the specific data that today’s online sellers need.





Chris Green



Chris Green has been selling online since 1999 and has sold over 2.5 million dollars worth of products on eBay and Amazon combined. His highest year of sales was over    $600,000 on eBay and his single highest Amazon 2-week payout was over $30,000. He even wrote a book about the business of buying and selling online called Arbitrage (available from Amazon in book and Kindle formats).

Today, Chris enjoys teaching, writing, and speaking about Amazon, FBA, and online selling in general as well as developing additional features for the ScanPower suite of programs.

While the majority of his time is dedicated to ScanPower, you can find his Amazon and eBay accounts here:

Amazon Llama_Lane (books & media)

*Amazon Locomodem (all other items)

*It is important to note that you should not have more than one Amazon account without prior approval from Amazon.


Paul Retherford


Paul Retherford has helped businesses build successful software products for over 20 years. From the early days of ScanPower and before, he has leveraged cloud computing for reliable, cost-effective and flexible solutions for our customers.
He believes we are going through a sea-change in mobile, ecommerce, and manufacturing and wants to help online sellers and entrepreneurs leverage this new technology.

— Paul Retherford (@paulretherford) August 12, 2013

When not overseeing the ScanPower operation, Paul contributes to local tech efforts at HiTechSmallTown and writes Soft Serv about software services. He enjoys sailing, XC, and soccer.


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